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Mock the Week Drabble Community

Dara fancies... everyone

Mock the Week drabbles
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Mock the Week drabbles
~About the Community~

Welcome to mtw_100, the Livejournal community for weekly Mock the Week drabble challenges to be posted and then hopefully for the drabbles themselves to follow.

What constitutes a drabble? A short piece of writing. In this context, 100 words of writing. Thus the name of the community.

New drabble challenges will be posted on a Monday (or Tuesday in the likely event of me forgetting to post on the Monday). You will have a week to post drabbles for the current challenge, though you may also post drabbles for previous challenges if you so wish.

Past drabble challenges can be found here.

Please use the tags provided to tag your posts~. Tags are on a person-to-person basis, so if you write a drabble just about Russell you can use the Russell tag, but if you write, say, Russell/Jon, then you can use the Russell and Jon tags~. Figured that'd be easier than a billion pairing tags. If I've missed someone off, suggest it here so I can add it~.

Slash is welcome here. Encouraged, even. Actually, who thinks there's really going to be anything other than slash here?

Don't be shy about joining~. Even if you don't intend to write drabbles, it's still fine if you just lurk and read what's posted~ (and comments are always good, too). Of course, it's always good if people do actually post, but don't feel any mad pressure from that angle.

~How To Write Drabbles~

When posting drabbles, please follow something like this format:

Subject line: (challenge word) (drabble title/s)

ie, "Challenge 42: Bananas - Hughiraptor vs. the Werewolf"

Name: (name of drabble, if any. If untitled, just put untitled #1 or untitled #17 or however many you have)
Challenge: (the current challenge word)
Word Count: (how long the drabble is)
Characters: (who is in the drabble)
Warnings: (is it a bit sexy? Is it a lot sexy? Does somebody die? Are there spoilers?) (Ahaha Mock the Week spoilers) (SPOILER: ED CUTS HIS HAIR BY SERIES 5)
Summary/Author's Notes: (optional. give us a brief idea of what the drabble is about, if you like. Or tell us how interesting/difficult/fun it was to write, again, if you like)

You can post the drabble as-is to the community, but if you have more than one in a post you might want to LJ-cut them. It's alright if a drabble goes over 100 words, we won't kill you if it's under or over, but try to keep to 100~. That's why it's a challenge, after all. It'd perhaps be polite to cut if you have any major kink etc in your drabble, too.


Well, this is just my method, but. Here's my easy-to-follow method for producing drabbles ♥ just as a bit of advice, in any case.

1: Get some lined writing paper
2: Mark out ten lines on said piece of paper
3: As you're writing the drabble, count ten words to a line

Voila! Did it help?~

Getting inspiration is a harder problem to nail. Try listening to music, nearly always works for me.


Your mod is the creepysexy circular_whims. Please comment on this post if you have a question. Find the FAQ post here.

~Other Communities~

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In any case, have fun :3